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Robot Offline Simulation & Validation

Geometrix provides Off-line programming which takes place on a computer and models of the work cell with robot, pieces and surroundings are used. The robot programs can in most cases be created by the reuse of existing CAD data so that the programming will be quick and effective. The robot programs are verified in simulation and any errors are corrected.

  • Various Advantages
  • Effective programming of program logics and calculations with state-of-the -art debugging facilities.
  • Locations are built according to models and this can mean that programmers will have to fine tune programs on-line or utilize sensors.
  • Effective programming of locations.
  • Verification of program through simulation and visualization.
  • Well documented through simulation model with appropriate programs.
  • Cycle Time Verification Optimization.
  • Space Optimization.
  • Interface Zones Definition.

The biggest advantage of Off-line programming is that it does not occupy production equipment, and in this manner production can continue during the programming process. By far the largest proportion of robots is today being
programmed on-line. This is mainly due to the fact that off-line programming
has had a very high burden rate and demanded the need of expert users.

  • Licensed Software with Geometrix.
  • Robcad Software
  • Delmia V5
  • Plant Simulation
  • Catia V5
  • Process Simulate (WIP)
  • Autodesk